Monday, September 10, 2007

Torkelson: Church breakup civil but still hurts
Jean Torkelson
September 10, 2007

In many sweet ways - little notes on the refrigerator, photos of kids on the walls - Holy Comforter parish in Broomfield resembles a happy family.

But next Sunday, this 49-year-old family faces something like a divorce.

That's when the Rev. Chuck Reeder and an unspecified number of parishioners join the national conservative flight out of the Episcopal Church because of its departure from traditional teachings on marriage and Scriptural authority.

"Very soon, this is not going to be the congregation it has been," Reeder told Sunday's Bible study crowd over pastries and coffee. He confessed to typos in this week's study outline and added, "Go easy on me. This has been a tough week."
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