Thursday, January 24, 2008

Episcopal Church Urged to Table Disciplining Bishop
By Lillian Kwon
Christian Post Reporter
Thu, Jan. 24 2008

A leading Episcopal conservative is urging the national church to halt the process of disciplining Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan, who is currently moving toward disaffiliation.

"In brief, I would urge TEC (The Episcopal Church) and other Anglican bishops to pray for and take action so that this process pauses indefinitely," the Rev. Ephraim Radner said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Episcopal Church's three senior bishops stopped short of banning Duncan from his religious duties last week when the presiding bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, sought to inhibit him. Duncan was, however, certified as having "abandoned the Communion of this Church" and Episcopal bishops are expected to vote on a final decision later this year.
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Discipline and the Bishops in a Time of Confusion and Discernment: The Case of Bishop Duncan
Written by Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner
Wednesday, 23 January 2008

As Anglican Christians, both within and outside TEC, what are we to make of the disciplinary process against Pittsburgh's Bishop, Robert Duncan, now initiated by the Presiding Bishop? In brief, I would urge TEC and other Anglican bishops to pray for and take action so that this process pauses indefinitely. They should do this for the sake of genuinely seeking discernment and resolution as to the ordering of our common life as Anglicans. There is nothing that legally demands that the process be carried through at this point and in the manner now laid out. There is every Christian reason to work for some other outcome.
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