Sunday, January 06, 2008

Spanish Abortion Rate Skyrockets to over 100,000 Annually
Coinicides with large increase in use of contraceptives and morning after pill

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
SPAIN, January 7, 2008

('s annual surgical abortion rate, which has increased dramatically since the socialist government's decriminalization of the practice in 1985, has now reached over 100,000 annually, according to recently-released government figures. The increase represents a doubling of the number of surgical abortions since 1997, when the rate was a little less than 50,000.

As the Spanish pro-family website "Forum Libertas" observes, this increase has occurred despite the promotion of contraception and the introduction of the "morning after pill", which are touted by their promoters as a means of avoiding the "necessity" of a later abortion. the rest


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