Friday, March 07, 2008

Episcopalian Church Split Leaves Many in South Valley Feeling Left Out
By: Dani Carlson & Caryn Kochergen

It's been described as "the straw that broke the camel's back" by many South Valley Episcopalian churchgoers.

Churchgoers say the decision of the National Episcopal Church to approve gay marriage and allow openly gay people to be priests, has caused some churches to break off from the national religion.

But now many feel left out.

"Enter with thanksgiving." That's what is written on the doors of St. John's Church in Tulare
But some like Diane Friend said they won't be entering anymore. "It was a choice about are you going to follow Jesus Christ or are you going to follow a leadership that decides to rewrite the word of God," said Friend.

Friend and her husband have been members of St. John's Church for fourteen years. They have three children, and Friend said her children are main reasons why she decided her family had to leave. "For us, what became a priority was our family, the values we try to each our children and how we're going to serve God as a Christian," said Friend.
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