Friday, May 30, 2008

Albert Mohler: Are Humans Unique? -- The Question Secular Science Can't Answer

Friday, May 30, 2008

Few questions are more important than this -- Are humans unique? Or, put in other words, is there any basis for human dignity and for treating humans with special respect? It is now frighteningly clear that secular science is inadequate to answer that question.

The May 24-30, 2008 edition of New Scientist, an influential British journal of science, features a cover story that raises this very question. "Human beings are obviously unique," the headline declares. "But it's surprisingly hard to say why." As the actual cover article indicates, there is very little that makes humans "obviously unique."

The article, written by Christine Kenneally, is truly fascinating. In "So You Think You're Unique" [available only by subscription], Kenneally addresses the question head-on. "We humans are not as special as we might like to think," she argues. "Over the past decade, hard scientific fact has steadily chipped away at our supposedly unique qualities, revealing many of them to be just more sophisticated versions of traits found elsewhere in the animal world." the rest image


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