Monday, June 30, 2008

GAFCON: What's in it for me?

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Bobby J. Kennedy

My Rector and Bishop were in attendance at GAFCON this past week. That is well known information. Today, following Mass, a group of us, from Grace Church, met Fr. Riley at the airport as he returned from his pilgrimage in Jerusalem. He was greeted by a warm round of applause, handshakes, and hugs. Hearing him speak about the conference, and hearing his wife speak her second-hand information about the conference, leaves one feeling that there is a new found sense of unity developing among Anglicans who oppose the progressive agenda within the Communion. While many people within the Anglican Communion, on all sides of the issues, expected GAFCON to be the divorce event for Anglicanism, and the beginning of global Anglican disintegration, it seems the opposite is true. In a way, the most unlikely of outcomes has occurred. Who would have guessed that GAFCON would have been a rallying point, or regrouping? For those who are familiar with war films, it is as if the traditionalists were surrounded, and retreat seemed inevitable, but someone picked up the fallen banner, charged the enemy positions, reinvigorated the troops in the trenches, and is now leading a counter attack on the enemy’s front lines. GAFCON has picked up the fallen banner of the Anglican Communion, and positioned itself to faithfully dig in, hold the bridgehead, and move deeper into enemy conquered territory. These are promising days for the future of many Anglicans. the rest (Brad Drell)

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