Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Church officials questioning 110 priests, deacons

Friday, July 18, 2008
FRESNO, Calif.

Officials at the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin in Stockton are asking 110 priests and deacons in the diocese to clarify whether or not they wish to remain in the U.S. Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church and Bishop John-David Schofield of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, have been at odds since Schofield led a secession movement prompted in part by the church's ordination of women and an openly gay bishop.

The Episcopal Church filed a lawsuit in April and expanded it in June to attempt to reclaim property from the breakaway diocese.

In letters mailed July 10, Bishop Jerry Lamb of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin asks priests and deacons to clarify whether they want to remain, or not remain, clergy in the Episcopal Church and "adhere to their ordination vows." the rest


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