Monday, July 21, 2008

Devotional: One of the cardinal rules of the spiritual life...

One of the cardinal rules of the spiritual life is that we are to live in the present moment. You remember that the Israelites in the desert followed the pillar of fire or cloud, not knowing where it was leading them. They had a supply of manna but for one day, and any they gathered for the next day became useless.

There is no need to move in haste. Think only of laying a solid foundation. See that it is deep and broad by an absolute renunciation of self, and by abandonment without reserve to the requirements of God. Then let God raise upon this foundation such a building as He pleases. Shut your eyes and commit yourself to Him. How wonderful is this walking with Abraham in pure faith, not knowing whither we go! And how full of blessings is the path!

God will be your Guide. He himself will travel with you, as we are told he did with the Israelites, to bring them step by step across the desert to the Promised Land. Ah! what will be your blessedness if you will but surrender yourself into the hands of God, permitting Him to do whatever He will, not according to your desires, but according to His own good pleasure!
...Francois Fenelon


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