Friday, July 25, 2008

Muslims Adopt Megachurch Multi-Site Model for Mosques

By Jennifer Riley
Christian Post Reporter
Thu, Jul. 24 2008

Mosques are multiplying across the country and their inspiration may come as a bit of a surprise – Christian megachurches.

Similar to many megachurches, new mosques are popping up as extension campuses to a main mosque with the stated goal of making it more convenient for Muslims in an area to worship. These extended mosque sites are sometimes referred to as “mosque chains” and tend to be adopted by more progressive Muslim congregations.

"Because of how streamlined we are, you can get off the highway from anywhere and find a mosque that is well-maintained, well-structured and that will always be open," said Abeer Abdulla, media specialist for the nine mosques owned by the Islamic Society of Central Florida in Orlando, according to Religion News Service. the rest


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