Sunday, August 24, 2008

BabyBlueOnline: Report from CANA Council

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The CANA Council gathering in Akron, Ohio voted overwhelming to support the development of the Common Cause "federation" and its future development as a new Anglican province encompassing both the United States and Canada.

There was a friendly amendment offered by one of the CANA delegates to the original draft of Resolution 3 to replace the phrase "recognize CCP as an emerging Anglican Province in North America" to "recognize CCP as the emerging Anglican province in North America," since there aren't any other movements underway to take steps toward establishing a new province in that area. The CANA delegate who offered the friendly amendment pushed further to amend the second "an" in a later phrase and replace it with "the" to read, "our prayer is that our Common Cause federation will continue to grow and mature as the Anglican province," but Bishop Martyn Minns rightly considered that suggestion as outside the realm of friendly. He did not accept it.

What this means is that CANA is on board in establishing a Common Cause "federation," styled with all its members in one federation as the United States was a federation of states in its early years. Bishop Minns encouraged the delegates to actively and enthusiastically engage in mission with members of the Common Cause federation for growth will be based on the deepening of Gospel-mission relationships with one another. the rest

(I had the pleasure of meeting BabyBlue for the first time at this conference-it's nice meet a fellow blogger!-PD)


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