Monday, August 18, 2008

Gay Anglican Posterboy Gene Robinson Complains of "Bigotry" from Fellow Bishops

Monday August 18, 2008
By Hilary White

Robinson has made himself the leading spokesman of the homosexualist doctrine that homosexuality is a "God-given" condition that must be accepted by Christianity. In the lengthy interview, Robinson said he was unhappy about being "cast in the role of single issue person" and was angry that he had not been invited to Lambeth."

Gay people have been abused, really, by the church," he said, "and just mindlessly suggesting that they go back is like telling an abused spouse to go back to her husband."

"But what I say is that God and the church aren't the same thing. The church has gotten this and many other things wrong. God hasn't gotten it wrong," he said.

Despite Robinson's persistent claims of persecution, the homosexualist viewpoint is well represented in the Anglican Communion and was prominent at Lambeth. Robinson was in Canterbury during the three week Conference, giving interviews and lectures on his ideas for a new "gay" Christianity. He was the centre of the work of homosexual activists who had made Lambeth a showcase of homosexualist political and quasi-religious campaigning.

Other bishops, particularly those who had decided not to boycott, were outraged at the "in your face" nature of the homosexual lobbying at the Conference.

One bishop of the Global South group said, "They are intent to push their agenda on us. No other lobbying groups seem to enjoy similar access, or to be able to have their literature prominently displayed all over the campus and at the entrance to every residence. They are determined that their way is the only right way and that everyone else should follow." the rest image


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