Friday, September 12, 2008

Future of Anglican Communion Resides with Global South Bishops and Christian Orthodoxy: GAFCON

Friday September 12, 2008
By Hilary White

LONDON, September 12, 2008 ( - There is no turning back from "Anglican Realignment" and the future of the Anglican Church lies with Christian orthodoxy, say leaders of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), the group that formed in response to the growing pro-homosexualist dissent in the Anglican Communion. GAFCON has issued a statement following a meeting in London where they examined the results of this summer's Lambeth Conference.

The GAFCON leadership have made it clear that the breakup of the Anglican Communion happened in 2003 with the consecration of Gene Robinson, an unrepentant active homosexual man, as bishop of New Hampshire. There is now only one way forward, they said: the return of the Anglican Church to orthodox Christianity.

The statement from the GAFCON leadership outlined three "new facts", made clear at the Lambeth Conference, that no new agreements are likely to resolve. the rest


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