Friday, October 17, 2008

Women Priests: The Ongoing Conversation: ‘A Code of Practice’

Anglican Mainstream
October 16, 2008
By Fr Jeffrey Steel

I have been given permission from Miranda Threlfall-Holmes to write up a brief (whatever it is I can recall) of our conversation that we had today about the future of the Church of England and its decision to ordain women to the episcopacy and the serious problem this causes Catholics sacramentally. Let me first of all say that Miranda will be coming around here as we discuss this topic to perhaps comment and so (as always) I ask that everyone be on their best behaviour if you want your comment to remain. Christian charity is essential in all we do here and at the end of the day, we remain brothers and sisters in Christ even though we disagree on what is a very important issue for both sides.

I think what was substantially agreed upon between us was the necessity for the conversation to continue in some shape or form with regards to the Church of England and its decision to ordain and to practice the ordination of women. I can honestly say that I am very happy to have had this discussion with Miranda and I hope to have more in the future and as far as I am concerned I will keep that door open between us.

Did we arrive at any further understanding of one another and is there a real spirit of generosity that will be on offer? Questions of ecclesiology and real practical issues come into question with the issue of separate diocese for Catholic Anglicans that need addressing and a serious working over. I believe we agreed on this aspect of the difficulty of the situation though Miranda would struggle to vote to give us something structurally different and independent of diocesan structures. Much to be worked out there. the rest


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