Thursday, May 07, 2009

JAMAICA: Egyptian Archbishop Questions Listening Process Affirming Homosexuality

Mouneer Anis Says Money Used as a Weapon to Influence TEC's Pro-gay Agenda
By David W. Virtue in Jamaica

The Rt. Rev. Mouneer H. Anis, President Bishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church of Egypt and the Middle East, told delegates to the Anglican Consultative Council-14 that if the Anglican Communion tolerates the practice of homosexuality, it will require a different kind of dialogue.

Speaking from the floor following a presentation by Canon Philip Groves who heads the London-based Listening Province, Archbishop Anis asked what (the Anglican Communion) would like to achieve. If we are to achieve better pastoral care and to prevent homophobia, we need to know how to care for people with homosexual orientation. Homosexual practice does not go with Christian love, he said.

"But if the achievement is to tolerate the practice of homosexuality, it requires a different kind of dialogue. We cannot just listen to people who are homosexual but we need a cultural dialogue as well. For me in our context I am aware of people of homosexual orientation, but for youth seeking help it is something abnormal, it is shameful thing in our culture and it is a crime and people can be punished for supporting its practice." the rest

Hymn sung by delegates:

Lord of our Diversity
Unite us all we pray
Welcome us to fellowship
In your inclusive way

Sanctify our listening
And help us get the sense
Of perplexing arguments
Before we take offence

Teach us all to have respect
To love, and not deride
Save us from the challenges
Of selfishness and pride

Teach us that our opinions which
At first may seem quite strange
May reflect the glory of
Your great creative range

May the Holy Spirit
Show us the way preferred
May we follow the commands
Of your authentic word


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