Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Gospel in the Global Village: On the Road with Bishop Katharine

Book review

This second book by Jefferts Schori (A Wing and a Prayer), presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church (USA), is, like her earlier work, a collection of sermons and speeches given by the bishop at conferences and gatherings around the world, as the title suggests. Her themes are consistently sounded: work for peace and justice, care for the least of these. Doing this work and being the prophetic voice that decries injustice and lack of care are particular duties of those who follow Jesus; Jefferts Schori's reading of the gospels makes them social blueprints for the New Jerusalem. The bishop's reflections on leadership and on religion and science are particularly interesting because they reflect her unique experience as a professional oceanographer and the first female primate within the Anglican Communion. To read her public addresses is also to see the public face of the Episcopal Church today. Those who disagree with her and find her theology narrow will not be convinced by this new round of reflections; those who are encouraged by her leadership will be impressed by the scope of her globe-trotting work for peace and justice. (Aug.) link-scroll down


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