Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Church changes signage after controversial vote on homosexualilty

Minister at St. Timothy blasts vote on gay-clergy issue
Monday August 24, 2009
by Charlotte Ferrell Smith
Daily Mail staff

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- As parishioners approached St. Timothy Lutheran Church on Sunday morning, something unusual was apparent.

On the signs outside the church, the word "Lutheran" was draped in black. Only the words "St. Timothy" remained visible.

"I asked that be done because I'm ashamed," the church's pastor, Richard Mahan, told the congregation later Sunday morning. "I'm ashamed of what the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has done to a church I've loved for 40 years." the rest


At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Bishop Gaydar said...

Oh, that pastor isn't a homophobe. He's just a big sissy and thinks nobody can tell.


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