Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Obama's Ratings Are Sinking

Americans will put up with a lot. But not with someone who imperils their future.
AUGUST 17, 2009

Public approval ratings of Barack Obama may be falling quickly right now—but his rating of the American public is probably falling even faster.

The president won a decisive victory in November promising to rescue the ailing American economy through public spending, and to reform the health system with government at the core. He has certainly succeeded in spending money. The Congressional Budget Office now estimates that the national debt will balloon to $17.1 trillion by 2019. And he is trying valiantly to deliver on his second promise. Between keeping his promises and the signs of an improving economy, Mr. Obama has every reason to think his approval ratings should be flying high.

Instead, Gallup reports that disapproval of the president's economic policies has grown to 49% in July from 30% in February. Even among the president's core supporters, young people in the 18-29 age group, his overall approval has dropped 11 points since January. the rest


At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Sibyl said...

Obama not only imperils the health, wealth and security of our country, he threatens the eternal souls and spiritual well-being with the promotion of the PC immoral agenda and through Mohammedism which is NOT an Abrahamic religion, NOT equal with Christianity, but was Mohammed's attempt to incorporate the worship of a Babylonian moon god and to distort and dominate Christianity and Judaism.

The fruit of Mohammedism is:
- Lust (raping infidel women is OK, 1000 virgins in paradise is reward for killing Americans and Jews)
- Lies (it's ok to lie to infidels)
- Conflict
- Fear
- Bondage, domination
- Death: spiritual and physical.

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit are:
Truth, love, life, faith, reverence, holiness, hope, patience, meekness, freedom, mercy, meekness, peace, joy, goodness, perseverance, gentleness, longsuffering, kindness, virtue, conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment, repentance, godly sorrow, compassion, forgiveness.


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