Sunday, September 20, 2009

Indonesia's new stoning law alarms Christians

Christians have expressed deep concern over the passing of new law in Aceh province of Indonesia that allows stoning to death for women caught in adultery.
by Joseph Keenan, Christian Post
Sunday, September 20, 2009

The law - which also allows punishments of up to 400 lashes for child rape, 100 lashes for homosexual acts and 60 lashes for gambling - was passed unanimously on Monday by lawmakers in the region at the northern tip of Sumatra island, according to Agence-France Presse.

The US-based International Christian Concern has requested Christians to pray for the believers in Aceh province.

"The law is a part of a trend in the region of stricter and stricter application of Islamic law - an effect that always results in increased hostility against Chrsitians and non-Muslims," a spokesperson for the group said.

Human rights groups in the country have also condemned the new law. the rest


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Sibyl said...

What about the men caught in adultery? Do they get a free pass?


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