Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update on Fr. Nigel Mumford

From: Elizabeth Strickland
Mon, 28 Dec 2009

Fr. Nigel continues to improve, although it is in miniscule amounts, again much like a mustard seed. His mind is far ahead of his body in his recovery. He is extremely uplifted emotionally to be home with Lynn and Megan, but he is frustrated at his lack of strength and stamina. Walking from his room to the living room saps him of his strength. He is amazed and frustrated about his lack of strength in doing even menial tasks. As an example, he enjoys sitting in his recliner, but doesn’t have the strength to get out of it, so he has to call Lynn. He has gone back on the oxygen and is using a tube under his nose which is very manageable. He continues in some pain from the bed sore. He is spending much time in prayer and reflection.

Lynn is pleased to have him home and not to be driving over an hour each way to and from the rehab facility each day. She can attend to Fr. Nigel’s needs easily at home and help him with his continued rehab and exercises, etc.
Please pray for:

* Continued healing of his lungs so that he can breathe on his own
* Building up and strengthening of his muscles
* Refueling of his energy
* Complete healing of his bedsore and relief from the pain of the bedsore
* Deep peace while he communes with our Lord
* Please also continue to pray for peace and stamina for Lynn and Megan as they nurse him back to health.

We thank you Lord for your healing touch on your servant Nigel, and we rejoice in celebration at the birth of your Son, our Saviour Jesus, and the rebirth of Nigel. Thank Your Lord Jesus.

Albany Intercessor


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