Saturday, March 06, 2010

UK: Bishop of Liverpool calls for end to battle over sexuality

Leading evangelical bishop calls for Anglicans to ‘accept a diversity of ethical convictions’ to prevent schism
Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent
March 6, 2010

A leading evangelical bishop will today call for Anglicans to “accept a diversity of ethical convictions” gay sex in order to prevent schism.

The Bishop of Liverpool, the Right Rev James Jones, will use his presidential address to his diocesan synod today to argue that for an end to the battles over sexuality in the Anglican Communion so the Church can focus on mission.

In his address, seen by The Times, he compares the debate over homosexuality to that over going to war, in spite of the commandment “Thou Shalt not Kill.”

Just as the Just War doctrine evolved to allow Christians to reconcile their faith with their civic duty to fight for their country, so those on the conservative side of the gay sex debate should accept those on the liberal side for the sake of Anglican peace. the rest


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