Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Doctor Is Out

The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates a “likely” shortage of 160,000 doctors by 2025.
BY Jeffrey H. Anderson
April 12, 2010

The evidence is mounting that Americans are correct in their overwhelming appraisal that Obamacare, if not repealed, would not only raise health costs and deficits, and would not only involve far too much government control over our lives, but would also reduce the quality of health care. It’s not often that you find something that costs over $2 trillion (from 2014 to 2023) that we’d be better off not having even if it were free.

Obamacare would lead to greater demand for doctors’ services (if it doesn’t, then it truly would be throwing more than $2 trillion down the drain), while at the same time making medicine a far less attractive profession to enter. Today’s American Medical News quotes an estimate by the Association of American Medical Colleges’s Center for Workforce Studies of a “likely” shortage of 160,000 doctors by 2025, including shortages of 46,000 primary-care physicians and 41,000 general surgeons — even after accounting for the supply of international medical graduates. the rest image

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