Saturday, May 29, 2010

South Korean Court Rules that Frozen Human Embryos are 'Not Human'

By Matthew Cullian Hoffman
SEOUL, May 28, 2010

( - Despite parents' pleas, a South Korean court has ruled that frozen embryos are not living and thus may be experimented upon and destroyed at will.

The ruling was issued against a suit filed by the parents of the embryos, as well as eleven other individuals, including philosophers, ethicists, and doctors. In addition, the two embryos themselves were listed among the plaintiffs.

The embryos were created for a couple with the surname Nam. A total of three were produced by in vitro fertilization and one was implanted. The other two were to remain available for implantation or to be used for scientific research.

However, the Nams had a change of heart and, aided by a team of experts, sought to vindicate the rights of their unborn children. the rest


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