Friday, September 10, 2010

Canada: Polyamorists want court to declare group love legal

By Daphne Bramham
Vancouver Sun
September 9, 2010

Is polyamory the new gay? That's what John Ince and the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association would have us believe.

They define polyamory as a post-modern, secular, non-patriarchal, conjugal relationship that involves a panoply of sexual groupings and gender variations. Ince even suggests that it's non-sexual and is based in love (amore), not sex. the rest

But polyamorists hope to convince Chief Justice Robert Bauman of the B.C. Supreme Court that their egalitarian, consensual relationships are nothing like polygamy as practised by fundamentalist Mormons or Muslims.

What they plan to say is that polyamory is a more highly evolved form of family/conjugal relationship that is beneficial to all of its participants -- the way of the future, if you will.


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