Monday, September 13, 2010

'Farmers' Almanac' lists Miami as a 'worst weather' city

The Miami Herald
posted Serpt. 13,2010

Ask anyone: Miami's weather is wonderful. Right?

Well, not according to the famed Farmers' Almanac. They've found something terribly wrong with Miami's summers and put it among their "Ten Worst Weather Cities," a list of destinations where the temperatures rise or fall precipitously.

In naming Miami's summers the most unbearable, here's what the almanac said:

"When it comes to sticky, wet, oppressive summer heat, few cities in America can stand up to Miami. Though pleasant to visit during winter months, Miami's subtropical climate becomes excessively hot and humid during the summer months." the rest

...At the other end of the spectrum, the city with the worst winter was Syracuse, N.Y., followed by Duluth, Minn., Casper, Wyo., Cleveland and Detroit...

Our street a couple of winters ago...


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