Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New initiative sheds light on pornography's impact on families

Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010
By Sarah Jane Weaver
Deseret News

Jill C. Manning, a marriage and family therapist in Colorado who testified before a U.S. Senate subcommittee on the harms of pornography in 2005, said when a North American woman — who views herself as her husband's equal — learns he has been viewing multiple images of other women, it is a sexual, emotional and spiritual betrayal.

"We have ceremonies called weddings that give witness to the exclusivity of that relationship," Manning said. "We are to cherish and honor one another. The sexual relationship is the one thing that makes that relationship different than any other relationship."

She said pornography use is not just a bad habit, but something that has systemic rippling effects.

"We know that pornography is intricately linked to organized crime, prostitution, sex trade, sex tourism and it forms an evil web of oppression and abuse and crime that too often we don't discuss because we're uncomfortable associating — linking — this pornography use to those wider spheres of effect," Manning said. the rest

A generation gap in understanding porn of today
This is the second article in a series on pornography and its impact on women.


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