Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chris Sugden in Cape Town: Lausanne Day 2

The worldwide Church in Development and in the Global Anglican Crisis; Chinese Christians prevented from attending
Anglican Mainstream
October 19th, 2010

Four Anglican Archbishops are attending the congress, from Uganda, South East Asia, the Middle East and North America. They hosted a discussion session this afternoon on the Anglican Communion. This dialogue was justified, contributors said, because a similar crisis of faith and teaching would be affecting all the churches globally under pressure from western secular culture. Therefore all the churches of Africa, Asia and Latin America needed to offer support and encouragement to those in the west in the same way that Global South Anglican churches had supported orthodox Anglicans in “the north”.

Archbishop Henry Orombi began by clarifying that the current crisis was about more than the violation of biblical morality: it was about the wholesale revision of the historic Christian faith in which the divinity of Jesus Christ, his bodily resurrection and uniqueness were denied by Anglican leaders in North America.

This had given rise to a crisis of order since nothing had changed despite all the actions taken by the leaders of the Anglican Communion. Full report here


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