Monday, September 05, 2011

PHILADELPHIA: Anglo-Catholic Parish Regroups after Priest/Bishop is Ousted

Assisting PA Bishop makes personal visit to once exiled parish
By David W. Virtue
September 5, 2011

The Church of the Good Shepherd Anglo-Catholic parish on Philadelphia's historic mainline heard PA Assisting Bishop Rodney Michel say that the vestry was free to choose its new rector from the "Oxford Movement of the Anglican Communion" while welcoming the parish back into the Episcopal Church after a decades' long legal battle.

Speaking humbly to some 85 members of the parish at two services yesterday, Bishop Michel said that the reading from today's passage in Matthew's Gospel (Matthew 18:15-20) about Christians not engaging in lawsuits was timely. He called on the congregation to engage in a process of healing and to repair the the breach and brokenness while continuing to make a witness to Jesus Christ."

"You must be about the building up of the Kingdom in this neighborhood. Your dedication to Catholic order must be honored and respected. You must respect those differences of people in prayer to our blessed Lady." The bishop asked for prayer for the ousted Fr. David (Moyer) and his wife Rita in their new journey. the rest


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