Thursday, October 13, 2011

Undercover Call: Medicaid Would Pay 9K for Late-Term Abortion

by Steven Ertelt

An investigation conducted by two pro-life organizations has resulted in the release of an undercover call revealing how an abortion facility uses taxpayer funds via Medicaid to pay for late-term abortions.

Operation Rescue and Project Defending Life today released a short video containing excerpts from an undercover recording showing that Medicaid pays not only for abortions, but completely covers third-trimester abortions for no medical reason. The caller identified herself as having a healthy pregnancy in the 26th week of gestation to a an employee named Sue working at the Southwestern Women’s Options abortion center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The calls says the reason she wanted an abortion was because her husband had just lost his job, saying it was a “personal thing” as to why she wanted the abortion and confirming to the employee that there is no medical problem with the unborn baby at the time.

“Our clinic will actually do an elective procedure up until about 28 weeks,” he abortion facility employee tells the caller. the rest


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