Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out At Work By 30

Larissa Faw

Young professional women may not relate to the financial struggles their Millennial peers are protesting against during the Occupy New York movement. After all, these ambitious go-getters are working as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and advertising executives, blessed with great salaries, health benefits, and paid vacation.

But these women understand the protestors’ frustration and unhappiness over the fact that their lives aren’t supposed to turn out this way. This is why a growing number of young professional women who seem to “have it all” are burning out at work before they reach 30.

These early career flameouts are reflected through the corporate ladder. Today, 53% of corporate entry-level jobs are held by women, a percentage that drops to 37% for mid-management roles and 26% for vice presidents and senior managers, according to McKinsey research. Men are twice as likely as women to advance at each career transition stage. One rationale is that men are more likely than women to do things that help their personal wellbeing at work, thus negating burnout, according to the Captivate Network. Men are 25% more likely to take breaks throughout the day for personal activities, 7% more likely to take a walk, 5% more likely to go out to lunch, and 35% more likely to take breaks “just to relax.”  the rest

(It's amazing that this article gives only a passing nod to the desire to raise children:  Also, while earlier generations may have opted out of the workforce through marriage or motherhood, these paths aren’t viable for these self-sufficient women, who either are still single or unwilling to be fully supported by men.  ...and there are only a few comments from women who say it was motherhood they really wanted and where they felt fulfilled. -PD)


At 6:16 AM, Blogger ALLtoJesus said...

Motherhood and a woman's instincts and role in nature, nurture, marriage and family, the female body and the female as a person have been devalued, disrespected, distorted, depersonalized, objectified, exploited and in many instances, lost or reversed, even in the church, because they are not valued and honored, but have become devalued and distorted by our culture and the media. Sex has been cheapened and sold as a commodity.

Western culture has become as anti-woman and anti-child in the West as in Islam, Hindu, Buddhist and other pagan countries.
Western women feel vulnerable, angry, betrayed, afraid to risk motherhood and increasingly, marriage. Some are driven to same-sex relationships.

Mothers are sent back to work too soon after children are born, disrupting the essential mother child bonding process. Increasing numbers of married couples are aborting their 3rd and 4th pregnancies.

Abortion has been correlated with subsequent serious mental health issues, suicides, depression and the inability to bond with children born afterward and child abuse. Since abortion has been legal, there has been a 600% increase of child abuse, abandonment by their own mothers, so that mother/infant bonding is disrupted. Those babies grow up lacking or having lost the motherly nurturing instinct. There has been an increase of mothers and fathers murdering and abusing children.

Abortion is the shedding of innocent blood, murder, taking a human life. Committing it, even agreeing with it, changes the human soul (mind, will, emotions). Abortion creates blood guilt before God. Only repentance (turning away from and ceasing sin) and confession (changing our belief and actions to conform and agree with God) can remove this guilt.

The God of Jews and Christians commanded us to honor and respect fathers AND mothers so that our lives would be long and healthy. Jesus reiterated this several times as well as the pattern and image for the family that HE ordained in creation. Jesus also reinforced the idea that woman's body was not to be the object of lust and that women should be heard (Woman at the Well) and have equal rights in the law (Woman taken in adultery). Peter removed a demon from a woman who was being exploited for money and used as a fortune teller.

Any divergence from God's design and law is sin and sin is harm. Sin creates misery and distress for individuals, families and nations.
Sin sets up a vicious cycle and has a snowball effect that changes us spirit, soul and body.

Only repentance and the power and forgiveness of God can reverse the sin process to transform human hearts and change lives. There still may be consequences, lives and hearts broken, but God's power can redeem us and many of those circumstances and change, restore, transform them to good. That is the power of God's redeeming, healing, life-giving, holy love.


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