Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sacramento-area churches participate in Evolution Weekend

By Jennifer Garza
Saturday, February 11, 2012

As pastor of All Saints Episcopal Church, the Rev. Betsey Monnot believes in both the word of God and the work of Darwin. This Sunday, her congregation will hear a message about both.

"Belief in one enhances the other," Monnot said.

The pastor studied physics in college and does not believe the theory of evolution contradicts the teachings of her faith. She said the Bible was not intended as a science book but rather is essential for telling "stories that help us understand who we are."

Darwinism – the theory that all life descended from a common ancestor – is a controversial issue in some faith groups, and many religious leaders reject Monnot's views.

This weekend, Monnot's congregation will join hundreds of other churches across the country – including about half a dozen in the Sacramento area – with sermons about the compatibility of science and faith. It's all part of the seventh annual Evolution Weekend, a program by the Clergy Letter Project that promotes science and religion. the rest image

Episcopal Church service to feature Beatles music
...“The Episcopal Church is a welcoming committee for God, not a selection committee,” said Wayne Thomas, a vestry member involved in parish-life activities. “Acceptance, peace and love” are themes in the church and mirrored in Beatles’ songs, he said.

Father Baker said the service “has taken on a life of its own.” He chalked it up “to how the Holy Spirit works.”

The priest added that since so much of The Beatles’ music revolves around love and peace, it’s in harmony with a religious service. “It’s about love and God’s love for us. The church is a physical outpouring of that love,” he said.

Reaching out is what churches are supposed to do, he added. The service, he hopes, will be a “Ticket To Ride” by appealing to a broad range of people. The service might help people realize that God is “Here, There And Everywhere” and a way to “Help!” yourself to an uplifting time...


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