Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Winter Tightens Icy Grip Across Europe

February 08, 2012

A brutal cold front blamed for hundreds of deaths across Europe is threatening to linger even longer.

High winds whipped across Russia's Krasnodar region Wednesday, churning water in the port city of Novorossiysk, tearing apart buildings and causing some roofs to collapse. Heavy snow also blanketed the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, freezing roads and lakes.

Officials say the death toll across Europe has now climbed to more than 400 people, with new fatalities being reported in central and Eastern Europe. The French news agency said Russian officials on Wednesday raised their death toll to more than 100, with 44 new deaths blamed on the cold since the start of the month.

As parts of Europe issue emergency declarations, forecasters warn it could be several weeks before the vicious cold snap departs. Omar Baddour with the World Meteorological Organization said he expects the sub-zero temperatures to start warming next week. Baddour added it could take until the end of the month for Europe to see a significant change. the rest image by Stefano Contantini


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