Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Get real, getting married before age 25 is not too young

By Steven Crowder
June 09, 2012

Okay folks, I’m just going to jump right into it. The Huffington Post just posted a piece asking for the government forbidding the practice of marriage for young people. The author writes, "couples should not be allowed to get married before age 25."

I know what you’re thinking…hipsters.

You’d be correct. No longer confined to the ever-changing world of ironically ugly fashion, hipsters are now applying their trendy outlook to their very own values, demanding that the government enforce them onto others in the process.
“Who knows? Maybe there are 20-year-olds that get married and stay madly in love for their whole lives… Maybe there is such thing as fairies and unicorns too.”

Yes, this is actually the crux of an argument that author Jennifer Nagy genuinely believes to be factually sound. Writing a rebuttal almost feels wrong, as one can truly sense how proud she was of her accomplishment. Clearly, she’s very pleased with herself. Allow me to try and first crack her airtight case by using a few personal examples; my fiancée and I are getting married “young” this August. the rest


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