Friday, June 08, 2012

Scotland rejects the Anglican Covenant

Fourth provincial rejection likely to doom the Covenant
June 8, 2012
By George Conger

The General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church has rejected a motion to endorse the Anglican Covenant.

On the second day of the 7-9 June 2012 meeting of the General Synod at Palmerston Place Church in Edinburgh, delegates took up a motion for the church to endorse the pan-Anglican agreement, continuing a discussion began at the 2001 session of synod.

Questions over section 4 of the Covenant on the discipline of errant provinces were raised, as were concerns over the creation of an Anglican curia and the centralization of power in London -- issues raised by the former Primus Bishop Richard Holloway at the 1999 ACC meeting when proposals to enshrine the instruments of unity were rejected. the rest


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