Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scrolling around...November 17, 2012

A.S. Haley: Scripture for a Saturday with Ominous Forebodings 
 This morning's Scripture readings for the Anglican Daily Lectionary spoke with unusual strength and clarity about the gathering warclouds around Israel. We had gone to bed last night after noting the troubling story that the terrorists of Gaza had lobbed two shells at Jerusalem, and after praying (fortunately, not with the Twitter following -- or consequences of doing so -- of Ms. Kim Kardashian) for all the people of Israel. (Note that when someone queried the Hamas Secretary of State about their random rocket firing endangering also the Palestianians who live in Jerusalem, the answer was: "We don't care about them; they shouldn't be there.")...

Likelihood of Israel launching ground invasion in Gaza grows
The bombardment seemed nearly constant: more than 250 airstrikes that blew out windows, peppered buildings with shrapnel and rattled nerves. But Gaza Strip residents said Israel's targets appeared chosen primarily to send a message.

Israeli forces and the Islamist movement Hamas exchanged fire Friday for a third day, and appeared to inch closer to all-out conflict. A visit by Egypt's prime minister failed to bring even a temporary lull in the fighting. And Palestinian militants continued to press Israel's limits, for the first time firing two homemade rockets in the direction of Jerusalem...

Israel widens air assault on rockets in Gaza after Hamas targets Jerusalem
Israel expanded its air assault on rockets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, striking a Hamas government compound and a Cabinet building where Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh met with Egypt's prime minister on Friday.

Bombarding the Gaza Strip with nearly 200 airstrikes, the Israeli military targeted the militants' weapons-storage facilities and underground rocket-launching sites...

Likelihood of Israel launching ground invasion in Gaza grows
An Israeli official says it could happen within days if rocket attacks on Israel don't stop. Hamas militants fire rockets toward Jerusalem...

Rockets Fired from Egypt Hit Israel
Two major Israeli newspapers are reporting that rockets fired from Egypt have hit Israel.

"Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula launched rockets into Israel Friday night," reports the Jerusalem Post. "The rockets fell near an Israeli village on the southern border, causing some damage, but no injuries."

The Israeli daily Haaretz reports, "Rockets fired from direction of Egypt toward Eshkol Regional Council."...

Obama's Economy: What We've Learned Since Re-election
Obama II: In the "now they tell us" file, add a vast array of reports that have come out since the election showing just how weak the economy really is. Looks like the president will need a new scapegoat soon.

Here's just a sampling of what we've learned since voters decided to give Obama four more years to "experiment" with the economy...


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