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We never reach a place in the Christian life...

We never reach a place in the Christian life where it is no longer necessary to watch and pray lest we fall into temptation. A constant coming back in spirit to our Center, which is Christ the Lord, is our only safeguard. ...Frederick Julius Huegel image

Anglican Unscripted Episode 55

Nov 3, 2012
Anglican Unscripted Hosts Kevin and George talk about Gafcon II and the need for a global Anglican Congress to protect the Communion. You will also learn about Rome's desire to bring Protestants into the ever expanding Oridianariate. AU also asks you to pray for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and we bring you perspective from skyscraper based storm landfall.

Canon Ashey talks about the dummying down of Scripture and other news from ACC-15. Peter has the latest rumors about the Crown Nomination Committee and Allan Haley discusses the second state to refute the validity of the Dennis Canon.

Global Anglican Future Conference planned for 2013 in Athens
The second Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) may be held in October 2013 in Athens, sources in the primates council of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) tell Anglican Ink.

A spokesman for the FCA Secretariat in Sydney confirmed the global Anglican renewal movement was "aiming" for next October in Athens, but plans for a second gathering had not yet been finalized...

Canon Phil Ashey: A Report from ACC15 in New Zealand
November 2, 2012

Dear friends,

I am in Auckland, NZ, at the 15th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC15). The agenda moved into high gear today with presentations on "The Bible in the Life of the Church" (BILC), the Network for Interfaith Concerns (NIFCON) Report "Promised Land?", an Anglican Communion resource for addressing Israeli-Palestinian relations, and the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order (IASCUFO) report on The Instruments of Unity.

I believe that the discussion on BILC revealed an important major conclusion that tips the hand of the ACC's leadership: that the process of how Anglicans interpret scripture is as important as the substance of scripture. Two conclusions will follow from this premise:

(1) Context reigns supreme in how people interpret, and in the diversity of interpretations that flow from diversity of contexts NO interpretation is better than another (a point made by the preselected TEC leader of one of the small groups), and (2) There are no "limits" on faithful interpretation (point made by the preselected Church of England rep from another reflection group).

In this discussion, initial enthusiasm for the affirmation of Bible study gave way to sharp differences over the language in the proposed resolution, and then to frustration that there was not enough time to consider the resolution. Finally, the resolution commending BILC for study and use in all Anglican seminaries, parishes and dioceses was sent back to the resolutions committee. I expect they will return to it tomorrow or Monday...

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Scrolling around....November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy devastates homes in Brick bayside community

Why Your Friends Are 'Pro-Choice' (And What to Do About It) ...Here's how I engaged the student at Colgate University. When she said she was personally against abortion but wanted to keep it legal, I asked a very simple question I learned from Greg Koukl: "Why are you against abortion?" When she replied, "Because it's killing, and I personally think it's wrong to do that," I asked: "What does abortion kill?" She was hesitant, but honest: "Um, I guess a human being?" She's right. If abortion doesn't unjustly kill an innocent human being, why oppose it at all? Then, very gently, I pressed the point home. "Let me see if I understand you correctly---and if I don't, please feel free to clarify. You're personally against abortion because you think it wrongly kills a human being, but you want it to be legal to kill that human being?" I appreciated her candid reply. "I don't know. I'm still trying to figure that out."... [Excellent article! -PD]

RNC pushes 6 states to fix machines that give Romney votes to Obama Following reports that swing state voters attempting to cast a ballot for Mitt Romney saw the machine check President Obama’s name instead, the Republican National Committee is pushing six states to ensure that ballots are properly cast...

  U.S. jobless rate climbs to 7.9 percent; 171,000 jobs added ...Today’s report is the last broad snapshot of the economy before Tuesday’s presidential election. President Barack Obama faces voters with the highest unemployment rate of any incumbent since Franklin Roosevelt...

Nonunion Ala. crews turned away from Sandy recovery The hurricane-ravaged east coast has been receiving north Alabama help, but crews learned they'll be doing work in Long Island, New York instead of in New Jersey. Crews from Decatur Utilities and Joe Wheeler out of Trinity headed up there this week, but Derrick Moore, one of the Decatur workers, said they were told by crews in New Jersey that they can't do any work there since they're not union employees...

  Nigeria Attack 'Extinction Exercise' against Christians Seven people are dead and at least 100 others were injured after a suicide bomber ran an SUV filled with explosives into a Catholic church during mass Sunday....

Christian life in northern Nigeria ...Things changed around the year 2000, when Kaduna was hit, for the first time, by religious conflict attributed to the introduction of Islamic law in the state. That is when segregated settlements emerged. People fled their homes to escape violence. Christians ended up living in one part of the city; Muslims in another. I have always been opposed to segregated areas - and that is why I still live, with my wife and four children, in a mainly Muslim area...

Fast for Nigeria-National week of fast and prayer set for Nov 7 ...Archbishop Nicholas Okoh has issued a call that on 7 Nov 2012 Christians fast and pray for a week, seeking divine intervention in aid of Nigeria...

NHS hospitals in England are being given financial rewards for placing terminally-ill patients on a controversial “pathway” to death Almost two thirds of NHS trusts using the Liverpool Care Pathway have received payouts totalling millions of pounds for hitting targets related to its use, research for The Daily Telegraph shows. The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the full scale of financial inducements for the first time...

  Number of children in married families drops 1million in ten years The number of children being brought up by unmarried cohabiting couples has doubled since 1996 to more than 1.8million, official figures said yesterday...

What Will Become of the Middle East’s Christians? ...Across the Middle East, affiliated Islamist movements have undertaken the systematic eradication of religious minorities, especially Christians. From Mali to Egypt, and from Syria and Iraq to Pakistan, millions of Christians find themselves threatened daily with humiliation, extortion, displacement, and murder. Yet where the Muslim world’s Jews had Israel to come to their defense, the region’s Christians have no protector state. These Christians have looked to Western governments, especially America, for moral leadership and advocacy. Yet as the violence of the Arab Spring escalated, America was retreating from its commitment to religious freedom—not only abroad, but at home as well...

 Four Christians imprisoned in Iran An Iranian Assembly of God pastor and three ministers have each been sentenced to a year in prison for preaching Christianity...The four Christians, who had been arrested on 23 December last year, are the pastor of the Assembly of God church of Ahwaz, Farhad Sabokrouh, and his wife Shahnaz Jeizan, together with two other church ministers, Naser Zamen Dezfuli and Davoud Alijani...

 Sexual Sanity and Healing Wounded Hearts There’s little doubt that pornography is a modern-day plague. Though pornography has always existed in one form or another, the Internet has created a medium through which it can be disseminated both widely and discreetly. Almost an entire generation of boys has succumbed at one time or another, with a new generation quickly falling into all of the same traps. And it has not just been boys; many men have found the temptation irresistible (and, of course, not a few women). While there are some who try to downplay pornography’s impact on life and marriage, evidence is mounting that it is a terribly destructive force. Two new books from New Growth Press address the issue head-on. One targets men who are struggling with pornography or any other manner of sexual sin and the other brings help and healing to women who have found that their husbands have an addiction....

For All the Saints

November 1, 2012

This hymn has great memories for me. I first learned it while a student at Bob Jones University. We went to a little Anglican Church in Greenville, South Carolina and learned some of the great Anglican hymns. Once I moved to England we sang it every All Saints Day and often for other saints’ celebrations. The words are by the Victorian Anglican bishop W. Walsham How and the tune–Sine Nomine by Vaughan Williams. This version is sung by the choir of Kings’ College Cambridge–where I was chaplain for a few years... the rest

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Scrolling around...November 1, 2012

New York state asks Washington to cover all storm costs
New York state on Wednesday asked the U.S. federal government to pay all the costs of cleaning up and repairing damage from massive storm Sandy that tore through the Northeast this week and crippled New York City....

New Yorkers in fuel scramble as storm-hit pumps dry up
Drivers and homeowners scrambled to secure fuel for their cars and generators in the U.S. Northeast on Wednesday as storm-hit gasoline stations started to run dry.

More than half of all gasoline service stations in the New York City area and New Jersey were shut because of depleted fuel supplies and power outages, frustrating attempts to restore normal life, industry officials said...

Report: September Jobs Numbers Inflated
So you were suspicious about those September job creation numbers touted by the Obama Administration? You had good reason to be.
The payroll data firm ADP, which recently became partners with Moody’s Analytics, revised their estimate of the September jobs created down from 162,000 to 88,200. That new number is considerably less than the Labor Department’s count of 114,000, which included 104,000 from the private sector...

CDC: U.S. Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low; 40.7% of Babies Born to Unmarried Women

Report: Enough Spent on Welfare Programs in 2011 to Write Every Poor Household a $59,523 Check
...If each of the estimated 16.8 million households with income below the poverty level were to have received an equal share of the total welfare spending for fiscal year 2011, they each would have received $59,523...

Germany: Crack Appears In Opposition To Homeschoolers
For the second time in less than a week, a crack has appeared in what has been a largely unified condemnation of homeschooling by officials in Europe, and this time it’s coming from the radically anti-parent government in Germany.
Norbert Blum, a prominent member of Angela Merkel’s German CDU party who served as Helmut Kohl’s minister of labor for 16 years, has said Germany’s modern education system is “usurping” children and ignoring the important role parents must play in education...

‘Baby box’ opens in Russia to save abandoned kids
A box in which parents can leave their babies anonymously without any legal risk opened Wednesday in a town in northwestern Russia — part of an effort that activists hope will save many young lives.
The baby box in Kirishi, an industrial town 60 miles (100 kilometers) east of St. Petersburg, is the tenth such facility in Russia. Experts think that’s just a fraction of what is needed...

Muslim Candidates Vow Islamic State After Belgium Win
Two Muslim candidates vowed to establish an Islamic state in Belgium based on Sharia law, after winning local elections in Brussels two weeks ago.
Air Jeddig L’Houcine and Redouane Ahrough, both from the fledgling Islam Party, handily won seats in two major districts of the Belgian capital Brussels, Molenbeek and Anderlecht, respectively. The election was held on October 14.
“Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people,” the two councilors assured skeptics during an October 25 press conference in a tea room in Brussels...

Christians persecuted throughout the world
Imagine the unspeakable fury that would erupt across the Islamic world if a Christian-led government in Khartoum had been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Sudanese Muslims over the past 30 years. Or if Christian gunmen were firebombing mosques in Iraq during Friday prayers. Or if Muslim girls in Indonesia had been abducted and beheaded on their way to school, because of their faith.

Such horrors are barely thinkable, of course. But they have all occurred in reverse, with Christians falling victim to Islamist aggression. Only two days ago, a suicide bomber crashed a jeep laden with explosives into a packed Catholic church in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, killing at least eight people and injuring more than 100. The tragedy bore the imprint of numerous similar attacks by Boko Haram (which roughly translates as “Western education is sinful”), an exceptionally bloodthirsty militant group...

Holder’s family papers over his ties to abortion doctor
Eric Holder Jr.’s family is moving fast and furiously to bury the U.S. Attorney General’s ties to one of Georgia’s most notorious abortion doctors.

Just cleared by an internal report in the “Fast and Furious” gunrunning debacle, the nation’s top lawman now faces allegations that his connection to Dr. Tyrone Cecil Malloy is a conflict of interest that helps explain Holder’s failure to prosecute abortion providers who run afoul of federal law

Critics say it may also explain why Holder has been eager to prosecute pro-life advocates who counsel women outside abortion clinics...

Only a Few Examples of Censorship on Campus?
...Something that some readers couldn’t seem to understand — and I find this puzzling for a constitutionally-oriented law blog — is that even when they’re not enforced, speech codes are a harm in and of themselves. If you have a policy like the one they used to have at Drexel University, which banned “inappropriately directed laughter,” the very existence of the policy sends a message to students that they should really watch what they say or even laugh about. This is the so-called “chilling effect,” and is the part of the rationale for why laws that violate the First Amendment can be found facially unconstitutional without having to prove that they have been enforced...

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Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

Me too...

Scrolling around...October 31, 2012

Why the IRS Has Stopped Auditing Churches—Even One that Calls President Obama a Muslim
...The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has officially halted tax audits of churches until it can adopt rules that clarify which high-level employee has the authority to initiate them.
"We are holding any potential church audits in abeyance," Russell Renwicks of the IRS's Tax-Exempt and Government Entities division told this week.
While this is the first public announcement of the moratorium, the IRS hasn't been auditing churches since 2009, said Erik Stanley, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly the Alliance Defense Fund)...
The Looming Shortfall in Public Pension Costs
The recent economic crisis has left many state and local governments with underfunded pension benefits for government employees. However, elected officials are unwilling to make the necessary cuts or tax hikes because both options are extremely unpopular...Some states will need to have taxpayers contribute more, such as New York, which would require an additional $2,250 per household over the next 30 years...

KLAVAN: Picking Losers, Why Cronyism Isn't Capitalism

UK: Schoolgirls, 13, given birth control jabs during lunch
Schoolgirls as young as 13 are being given birth control injections and implants without their parents’ knowledge during their lunch break.
Over the past two years school nurses have administered implants and injections to girls between the ages of 13 and 16 more than 900 times...

What Will Become of the Middle East’s Christians?
...Across the Middle East, affiliated Islamist movements have undertaken the systematic eradication of religious minorities, especially Christians. From Mali to Egypt, and from Syria and Iraq to Pakistan, millions of Christians find themselves threatened daily with humiliation, extortion, displacement, and murder. Yet where the Muslim world’s Jews had Israel to come to their defense, the region’s Christians have no protector state. These Christians have looked to Western governments, especially America, for moral leadership and advocacy. Yet as the violence of the Arab Spring escalated, America was retreating from its commitment to religious freedom—not only abroad, but at home as well...

Northeast back to business after Sandy's hard hit
Millions of people across the U.S. Northeast stricken by massive storm Sandy will attempt to resume normal lives on Wednesday as companies, markets and airports reopen, despite grim projections of power and mass transit outages lasting several more days... image

Chaplains deployed to Hurricane Sandy communities
...Chaplains are coming from across the US to serve in the Rapid Response Teams, which will be based initially in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

The chaplains are specially trained to deal with crisis situations and had only recently been withdrawn from Louisiana following Hurricane Isaac last year...

Sandy Relief Team: Worst Fears Were Realized in Massive Disaster
Christian relief organizations began to provide food and shelter along the U.S. East Coast to people suffering in the devastating aftermath of superstorm Sandy on Tuesday. By nightfall, the region's death toll reached nearly 50 people and millions remained without power or mass transit...

Hurricane Sandy photos ...more here

 Looters ‘swipe’ up the mess in chaos zones
Hurricane Sandy brought out the worst yesterday in some sleazy New Yorkers, who looted stores and homes across the city...

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Believe and trust...

"Believe and trust; through stars and suns,
Through life and death, through soul and sense,
His wise, paternal purpose runs;
The darkness of His Providence
Is starlit with Divine intents."

A.S. Haley: Virginia Supreme Court Grants Review in Falls Church Case

Monday, October 29, 2012

A writ panel of three Justices of the Virginia Supreme Court, who heard oral arguments on October 16 in favor of the Petition for Appeal filed by The Falls Church Anglican following the adverse judgment by the Fairfax County Circuit Court has issued an order granting review of the case. (H/T: BabyBlueOnline.)

The Court's order grants review of the following six points of error raised by The Falls Church:

1. The trial court erred in enforcing canon law, rather than “principles of real property and contract law” used in all cases ... to award plaintiffs a proprietary interest in TFC’s property and to extinguish TFC’s interest in such property, even though TFC’s own trustees held title and TFC paid for, improved, and maintained the property.

2. The trial court’s award of TFC’s property to plaintiffs violates the Religion Clauses of the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions by enabling denominations to secure others’ property by means available to no other Virginia entity.

3. The trial court erred in finding that plaintiffs had proprietary interests in TFC’s real property acquired before 1904, when the legislature first referenced denominational approval of church property transfers. [Note: in the body of the Petition, this claim of error is restated in this way: "The trial court divested TFC of property by retroactively applying canons and statutes passed after the conveyances at issue, contrary to state law and the Contracts Clause."]

4. The trial court erred in awarding plaintiffs TFC’s unconsecrated real property, which is exempt from plaintiffs’ canons.

5. The trial court erred in awarding TFC’s personal property to plaintiffs—even though plaintiffs never had any control over TFC’s funds or their use, and TFC’s donors, for religious reasons, gave on the express condition that their gifts not be forwarded to plaintiffs—in violation of Va. Code §57-1 and the Religion Clauses of the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions.

6. The trial court erred in awarding plaintiffs more relief than sought, including funds given after TFC disaffiliated and funds spent on maintenance, which plaintiffs stipulated TFC should keep.

the rest

A little political...October 30, 2012

Obama’s HHS ‘Grooming’ Children for Sex
...Disturbing though that may be, what’s equally disturbing is that nearly all of today’s liberal “comprehensive sex education” curricula – such as that pushed by groups like the National Education Association (NEA), Planned Parenthood and the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) – is derived entirely from the criminally fraudulent research of Alfred Kinsey.

But even more troubling is a recent discovery by Dr. Reisman. She found that the Obama administration, which fully embraces the debunked Kinsey sex-education model, has begun pushing a curriculum that, in many ways, eerily mirrors the “FBI Molester Grooming Paradigm.”

In short, she found that both Obama’s HHS and many public sex-education programs are doing to children, constructively, what pedophiles do to “groom” them for sex...

Latest Liberal Election Ad-Michael Moore: (Video) Disgusting!!!

Newspapers Increasingly Dump Obama For Romney
President Obama spent roughly half an hour last Tuesday on the phone with the Des Moines Register's publisher and editor, desperately trying to win the influential Iowa newspaper's endorsement for a second term.

"You'll feel better when you give it," Obama told them, after touting what he said were four years of accomplishments, along with promises of strong economic growth should he get four more years.

Three days later, the Register endorsed Mitt Romney — the first Republican the paper has backed in 40 years...

Can true solitude be found in a wired world?

October 29, 2012

When was the last time you were alone, and unwired? Really, truly by yourself. Just you and your thoughts — no cellphone, no tablet, no laptop.

Many of us crave that kind of solitude, though in an increasingly wired world, it's a rare commodity.

We check texts and emails, and update our online status, at any hour — when we're lying in bed or sitting at stop lights or on trains. Sometimes, we even do so when we're on the toilet.

We feel obligated, yes. But we're also fascinated with this connectedness, constantly tinkering and checking in — an obsession that's starting to get pushback from a small but growing legion of tech users who are feeling the need to unplug and get away. the rest image

Scrolling around...October 30, 2012

What Google Street View Reveals About Why Women Don't Want to Stay Home
Yesterday I looked up my house on Google Street View. I was curious to see how many stray tricycles and scooters would be strewn across our front porch in the image, and I had a lot of work to do and therefore wanted to procrastinate.

Not particularly eager to get back to my to-do list, I ended up clicking around to take a tour of my entire neighborhood. I virtually meandered in and out of familiar streets, turning around in cul de sacs, stopping to admire some of the beautifully manicured yards of my neighbors. I kept admonishing myself that this was a waste of time and I needed to go do something else, but something kept pulling me back -- and it wasn't just my desire to procrastinate. Seeing my neighborhood through my computer screen, in this odd format in which it was entirely the same yet entirely different than what I'm used to seeing in real life, gave me a new perspective on the place where I live. There was something about it, something disconcerting that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Then, as I turned down yet another long street and looked at the rows of houses that stretched before me, it clicked:

Where are all the people?...

Egypt: Choice of new Coptic pope is between two bishops and a monk
Two bishops and a monk have been voted into the final round of elections for the choice of the Coptic Church’s new pope, due next Sunday in St. Mark’s Cathedral, in Cairo’s Abbasiya neighbourhood. This is the result of the election held yesterday in the same Cathedral and announced yesterday evening...

Northeast Awakes to Huge Damage in Storm’s Path; Millions Without Power
...The storm was the most destructive in the 108-year history of New York’s subway system, said Joseph J. Lhota, the chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, in an early morning statement.

“We are assessing the extent of the damage and beginning the process of recovery,” he said, but did not provide a timetable for restoring transit service to a paralyzed city.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey called the damage to his state “incalculable” and said the Jersey Shore had been “devastated.” As he spoke on a series of morning talk shows on Tuesday, rescue teams were rushing to the aid of those stranded in Atlantic City and in areas of Bergen County where he said tidal waters had overwhelmed a protective natural berm... image

Sandy leaves death, damp and darkness in wake
As superstorm Sandy marched slowly inland, millions along the East Coast awoke Tuesday without power or mass transit, with huge swaths of the nation's largest city unusually vacant and dark.

New York was among the hardest hit, with its financial heart in Lower Manhattan shuttered for a second day and seawater cascading into the still-gaping construction pit at the World Trade Center. President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in the city and Long Island...

Huge fire in Sandy's wake destroys dozens of NYC homes
A huge fire that erupted as Sandy ripped through New York City with near-hurricane force winds on Monday night destroyed dozens of homes in one of the city's most remote neighborhoods, officials said...

Moscow police 'discover brothel on monastery premises'
Moscow police have discovered a brothel on the premises of a monastery whose abbot is thought to be President Vladimir Putin's spiritual adviser...

Giving 13-year-olds contraceptive implants is a policy straight out of Brave New World
Girls from the age of 13 have been provided with contraception in schools, particularly the long-lasting type of contraception given by injection, without their parents' knowledge. It reminds me of Aldous Huxley’s dystopia Brave New World, in which all females are fitted with the “Malthusian belt”, an infallible method of contraception which allowed them to be permanently sexually available but without fear of pregnancy. A licence for licentiousness, so to speak.

To say that this policy sends out “contradictory signals” regarding society’s attitudes and policies towards the sexual behaviour of young people is putting it mildly...

NPR: Recognizing The Right Of Plants To Evolve
...Writing in The New York Times recently, Michael Marder, author of the forthcoming Plant-Thinking: A Philosophy of Vegetal Life, calls for "plant liberation." Plant stress, Marder points out, does not reach the same intensity, nor does it express itself in the same ways, as animal suffering. This fact, he adds, should be reflected in our practical ethics.

But, he continues, "the commendable desire to ameliorate the condition of animals, currently treated as though they were meat-generating machines, does not justify strategic argumentation in favor of the indiscriminate consumption of plants. The same logic ultimately submits to total instrumentalization the bodies of plants, animals and humans by setting them over and against an abstract and rational mind."

Therefore, he concludes, "the struggles for the emancipation of all instrumentalized living beings should be fought on a common front."... (comments are hysterical!-PD)

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Scrolling around...October 29, 2012

In this handout satellite image provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hurricane Sandy, churns off the east coast on October 28, 2012 in the Atlantic Ocean. (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Live Updates: Hurricane Sandy-NASA image

Sandy and the Tomb of the Unknown SoldierDon't miss this! 

The 'New Normal' Christianity
NBC’s sitcom “The New Normal” isn’t just trying to remake society for the Gay Left. It’s trying to remake Christianity, which is to say, destroy it. For its October 22 episode “The Godparent Trap,” NBC ran promos with the gay character Brian in the confessional, and the priest sneering, “If you’re not going to take this seriously, I’m going to go back to playing Angry Birds.”

As the plot unfolds, we’re told Brian was raised Catholic, and as he sits in a pew and looks around at religious pictures, he cracks gay jokes in his mind. He sees the Apostles: “Twelve dudes sitting around gossiping and drinking wine. You call that the Last Supper? I call that a Tuesday night.”...