Monday, May 13, 2013

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On Medicaid? You are 13 Percent More Likely to Die
...Is funneling millions of additional American citizens into Medicaid a good thing for those citizens’ health? Detailed studies by respected academic and medical organizations including the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and the University of Virginia have demonstrated that those in the Medicaid program die at a higher rate from heart problems, surgical outcomes and cancer than Americans receiving private insurance, Medicare or even the uninsured. That's right. Medicaid recipients have worse health care outcomes, according to the studies, than Americans who have no insurance at all.

According to a recent study by an economist at the National Center for Health Statistics, people on Medicaid currently can expect one in three doctors to turn them away as new patients because of their insurance, which pays about half of private plans for the same services. This is a problem across the country that’s getting worse, as forty-seven of the 50 states have cut doctor payments in the last two years.

Because these individuals struggle to find doctors willing to accept their insurance plan, these people receive substandard care...

...A different study from the Journal Cancer, found Medicaid cancer patients are two to three times more likely to pass away than other patients. Other studies found that Medicaid patients who have coronary artery bypass surgery are 50% more likely to die than those with private insurance or seniors on Medicare. Surgical patients on Medicaid are 13% more likely to die than even uninsured patients and 97% more likely to die than privately-insured patients...

Holocaust of Christians in the Muslim World on the Horizon
...But Obama is nowhere to be found amongst the Christians in Egypt, instead he is supporting their very persecutors: the Muslim Brotherhood...

Sweden: Four years for honor murder of sister; he stabbed her over 100 times
...A Swedish appeals court has reduced a lower court's eight-year prison sentence for a 17-year-old boy found of guilty fatally stabbing his sister more than 100 times after she fled a forced marriage in Iraq, in what the court referred to as an "honour killing"...

Pope Francis Joins 40,000 Pro-Lifers at Italian March for Life
Some 40,000 pro-life marchers at the March for Life in Italy received a surprise when Pope Francis joined them — driving down the street in his popemobile where the Marcia per la Vita was taking place...

Disgusting: White house: Obama is "Our North Star"

IRS targeted groups that criticized the government, IG report says
At various points over the past two years, Internal Revenue Service officials targeted nonprofit groups that criticized the government and sought to educate Americans about the U.S. Constitution, according to documents in an audit conducted by the agency’s inspector general.

The documents, obtained by The Washington Post  from a congressional aide with knowledge of the findings, show that on June 29, 2011, IRS staffers held a briefing with senior agency official Lois G. Lerner in which they described giving special attention to instances where “statements in the case file criticize how the country is being run.” Lerner, who  oversees tax-exempt groups for the agency, raised objections and the agency revised its criteria a week later...

If the IRS was targeting conservative groups — as they now admit to doing — were they also leaking information?

Republicans slam IRS targeting of Tea Party as 'chilling,' a form of intimidation
“The conclusion that the IRS came to is that they did have agents who were engaged in intimidation of political groups”

IRS scandal grows to include debt critics
...At the same time, Fox News reported on Monday that the IRS may have been casting an even wider net, and agents could have unfairly targeted groups that touted better government economic policy and debt pay-down. Also among the targeted: Groups that tried to educate about the Constitution or government policy critics, Fox News said...


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