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Gafcon II: October 25, 2013

GAFCON latest: The dual challenges of an aggressive secular world and increasingly worldly established church
There is nothing in Anglicanism like GAFCON. The Lambeth Conferences have all the bishops and their wives; the Anglican Consultative Council has a few representatives from each province. The Third Divine Commonwealth Conference in Nigeria from November 18-22 with 5000 people is largely composed of members of the Church of Nigeria.

GAFCON2013 is made up of bishops, clergy and lay people drawn from 38 countries numbering over 1300 people.

The Archdeacon of Cardigan, the Venerable Will Strange, describes the worship, led by a choir and a drummer as fantastic. The morning bible expositions of the Book of Ephesians have been spectacular and models of their kind.

Mini-conferences which include topics such as Gospel and Culture, Being Women of God and Episcopal Ministry have continued. There is an extraordinary energy in the Cathedral precincts where coffee, tea and meals are served as people are eagerly engaged in conversation...

GAFCON Day 4 - Global Anglicanism in its Natural State-David Ould
...They’re not the only things we’ve seen here in Nairobi just as they should be, not in a faked western presentation. The most overwhelming sense you get from this GAFCON week is that this is how it’s meant to be. There is a genuine sincerity, love and warmth being expressed between delegates that flows out of a genuinely shared commitment to and unity in the Lord Jesus Christ. That unity is being increasingly expressed in a desire to stand together in the issues facing us as a movement and in the wider Communion...

Behind the scenes of Gafcon
Accusations that Gafcon II would a political rally for the right paid for by American conservatives and fronted by their docile African allies have proven to be unfounded, so far.

Gafcon II is self-funded the Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns told Anglican Ink, with the costs of the conference evenly divided between the delegates.

Nor have forecasts of chaos proven true.  Backed by a cadre of Kenyan volunteers and an Australian-American management team, 1352 delegates have been efficiently fed, housed, moved and organized .

Gathered on the campus of All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi the conference has held its plenary sessions and informal worship in the main auditorium of the Trinity Center. The main auditorium in the three story parish hall has been able to accommodate the 30 archbishops, 301 bishops, 541 priests and deacons, and 487 lay people from 27 provinces drawn from 40 countries...

Revival and the Anglican Way
...Prof. John Senyonyi, vice-chancellor of Uganda Christian University offered a historical overview of the revival and its contemporary relevance for Anglicans. "If you are to get anything from East Africa at Gafcon 2, revival begins with an individual,” he declared.

"Revival doesn't begin with the church, it begins with me when the Holy Spirit convicts me [of my sin], I bow and say 'Lord, may you begin with me’,” he said.

Sin was ever present in our lives and we must endeavor to pursue personal holiness however, Archbishop Rwaje warned. Rwanda had been the birthplace of the revival  and he had come to faith through its influences. However, Rwanda was also the home of the genocide – a mark of human depravity.

One of the marks of the revival was the conviction of the human heart. Through the Holy Spirit "God brought unflagging zeal for revival and conviction of sin" to the hearts of man Prof. Senyonyi said...

Oct 25, 2013
The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey along with two other American Anglican Council staff members are on the ground in Nairboi, Kenya for GAFCON 2013. The AAC has been working with conference communications and led a mini-conference on the future of the GAFCON movement.

GAFCON II: Bishop Nazir Ali
Oct 23, 2013

GAFCON Thursday Highlights from GAFCON GFCA on Vimeo.

GAFCON II: Rev. Paul Perkin
October 23, 2013


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