Thursday, November 07, 2013

More on Gafcon

NAIROBI: Irish leader Reports on GAFCON II: October 21st - 26th, 2013
By Tim Anderson
November 6, 2103

Peter Jensen, as General Secretary of GAFCON and recently retired Archbishop of Sydney, opened the six day conference in a warm Nairobi on Monday 21 October with these words: GAFCON is the future. What he meant was that GAFCON is now the future for worldwide orthodox Anglicanism. Liberal Anglicanism is moribund and a hindrance to the proclamation and spread of the true gospel.

It is numerically small (it represents a minority of the worldwide Anglican church) and instead of growing is declining. In contrast orthodox Anglicanism, reflected within GAFCON, is numerically large and is growing. GAFCON therefore, is where the future lies. So what the remainder of the Conference did was to flesh out what this future will look like on the ground in provinces, dioceses and parishes worldwide.

To that end, the four page Nairobi Communique and Commitment was presented to the Conference on the penultimate day and adopted by the delegates. So how did this work? How was GAFCON able to produce a very detailed document that reflected a common mind of so many people (1,358 delegates from 38 countries representing millions of faithful Anglicans worldwide)? The key to this were the nine mini conferences that met on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (in total, each one meeting for 11 hours)...

Future of the Anglican Communion is now in the hands of Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans
AMIE is the life boat to rescue orthodox Anglicans in the UK...

GAFCON to be ‘an Anglican province’ in all but name

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