Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lament from London: a dying church in England

18 Dec 2013
Author: Pageantmaster

The Church of England may be doomed, British commentator “Pageantmaster” writes, as it begins debate over the Pilling Report. Hampered by several generations of poor leadership, with bishops chosen for their ability to go along and get along, the Church of England may well surrender the fight in the battle with post-modern culture.

Pageantmaster, a UK-based church commentator well known to Anglican Ink, has penned an evaluation of the situation within the inner councils of the Church of England – and it is not a pretty sight.

Shortly before last week’s meeting of the House of Bishops of the Church of England, he wrote the fix was in:

The House of Bishops or its managers under Rowan Williams decided several years as part of its gradual liberalising that it was going to start a process of moving the Church of England on its traditional understanding of sexuality and the Bible’s teaching. Sir Joseph Pilling was called on to chair a committee to look into it, not originally with as wide a remit as it has since assumed.

The membership of the committee was announced and the senior diocesan was deliberately named as the liberal thug, the Bishop of Gloucester, an articulate and bullying debater and behind many of the moves to liberalise the church in his role as President of Affirming Catholicism.

Perham is something of a power broker and was on the CNC which chose Justin Welby as Archbishop of Canterbury. Perham is deeply involved in Continuing Indaba and wrote of his Indaba with the TEC Bishop of El Camino Real and the Bishop of Western Tanganyika:

“We hope Indaba will be expanded within the Anglican Communion; we hope the Indaba model can be shared beyond our Communion to the wider church; we hope our continuing partnership can be a significant part of that work,” he said.

Perham is for full inclusion and gay blessings in church, if not marriage. Perham, who admits to being a liberal and modern Bishop, said: “The church has to be sorry,” he said. the rest at Anglican Ink

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