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Misconduct charges filed against Katharine Jefferts Schori

American Anglican Fellowship
The American Anglican Fellowship Inc. (AAF) believes it necessary to post  this letter because a leaked copy is currently circulating the Internet. We regret this happening, however to insure accuracy and the purpose and intent of AAF action, the following is a true copy of the AAF  letter dated 12/19/2013 reporting possible violations of the Constitution and Canons by the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church sent to the Intake Officer.  Hyperlinks  refer to published public reports and articles. None of the published reports or articles used as information to the Intake Officer is confidential or privileged, neither civil or criminal, but ecclesiastical in nature. The public articles and reports referred to in this letter are not  necessarily the opinion of AAF Inc.

AAF understands the Intake Officer will perform a preliminary investigation to determine if the information is  true, it would or would not, constitute a violation of the Title IV Disciplinary Canons. We await his decision.

American Anglican Fellowship Inc.
P.O. Box 434
Brandywine, MD 20613

December 19, 2013                                                                        
Dear Bishop Matthews,

The American Anglican Fellowship, Inc. (AAF), an organization of current and former members of The Episcopal Church (TEC), submits this Information to you regarding possible violations of the Constitution and Canons by the Presiding Bishop in accordance with Canon IV.6.2 and with the understanding that, “by virtue of Baptism, all Members of the Church are called to holiness of life and accountability to one another” (Canon IV.I).

Many Episcopalians believe TEC has departed from the traditional faith held by the consensus of the Anglican Communion and world Christendom.  To remain in unity with the “one holy catholic and apostolic church” (Nicene Creed, John 17:21-23, 1 John 1:3), some transfer to another Anglican body (e.g., Anglican Church in North America) or to another denomination. Some parishes have departed TEC with their properties after diocesan negotiations.  However, in the vast number of situations, the Presiding Bishop and various bishops (her assigns) have filed lawsuits to seize these properties and taken action to extinguish TEC clergy from the ordained ministry who have transferred to another Anglican Church.

petition by more than 5,000 Christians, including 697 clergy and 24 bishops, unsuccessfully sought to obtain an explanation from the Presiding Bishop concerning the litigious actions that have squandered an estimated $21.5 million in Church funds – money that should be used for traditional Christian purposes.

The litigation and punitive administrative actions are a discredit to all as they contradict (1) Christ’s teaching to be charitable and loving towards fellow Christians (Mt. 5:43-48); (2) apostolic instructions not to sue other Christians (1 Cor. 6:1-7); (3) policies of past Presiding Bishops allowing parish departures with property; and (4) practices of other denominations (e.g., Presbyterian and Lutheran).  When the Israelites were called by God to leave Egypt, they were allowed to leave with their property (Ex. 12:31-36).  TEC should do nothing less.  Pharaoh’s attempt to get the Israelites and property back had disastrous consequences.  The same can happen to TEC.  With departing parishes, TEC should have the spirit of Gamaliel -- if it is God’s will, these parishes and TEC may someday re-unite (Acts 5:38-39).  In the Civil War, TEC split between North and South.  After the war, parishes and dioceses re-united.[1]

Title IV, “Ecclesiastical Discipline,” establishes procedures whereby Members of the Clergy “shall be subject to proceedings” for “knowingly violating or attempting to violate, directly or through the acts of another person, the Constitution or Canons of the Church or of any Diocese” (Canon IV.3.1(a)).  Members of the Clergy “shall be accountable for any breach of the Standards of Conduct set forth in Canon IV.4” when they are “material and substantial” or “of clear and weighty importance to the ministry of the Church” (Canon IV.3.2-3).

A number of public reports and articles have been issued over the past few years describing conduct alleged to violate TEC’s Constitution and Canons.  Based on this information and belief, descriptions of six alleged offenses are provided below...

the rest at Anglican Ink


At 6:17 AM, Blogger GEHRIG said...

Thank you for posting this story,I hope it opens the eyes of the Laity as to what is going on in our beloved Church. I understand AAF seeks only a resolve of the conflict, that would be agreeable to all parties to end this madness of Christians suing Christians.


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