Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Our Moral Collapse Continues; Paying Doctors for End-of-Life Planning; Pro-Abortion Vandal Hangs “Aborted Baby Jesus Dolls”...more

This Post Might Kill You
...We can use a product for generations before identifying associated deleterious effects. This is unsettling. It also begs the question of whether and where the cycle continues in our present day? With such an impetus to living the examined life, what if we were to subject the present medium, that is, blogging itself, to such scrutiny? Twenty years from now, what will researchers be saying about the long-term effects of blogging and of reading blogs?

Mindful that such speculation is likely to wander far from the mark (who could’ve guessed that would suffer such humiliating defeat?), we can at least try to project seeds into a harvest reaped. What virtues and vices do blogging and the following of blogs cultivate in a person, and where do these lead?... hmmm...

Nigeria: Four-storey Anglican school building collapses  The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, reports that the building, which collapsed at about 1:00pm., is part of a structure being erected for a primary school at St Christopher’s Anglican Church, Odo-akpu, Onitsha.

According to an eyewitness, the collapsed building may have trapped at least five workers plastering its interior.... Please pray!

Gallup Reveals the Obvious: Our Moral Collapse Continues  ...As our culture continues its descent into more and greater immorality, perhaps the best question to ask is “How long?” How long until families led by fathers and mothers are the minority? How long until it is no longer legal to speak or write the truth, as revealed by God, on sexual issues? How long before America wakes up? How long before we are past the point of no return in this moral collapse?...

Feds to Consider Paying Doctors for End-of-Life Planning  ...But some people fear that end-of-life conversations could lead to rationing health care or withholding it entirely...

Pro-Abortion Vandal Hangs “Aborted Baby Jesus Dolls” Throughout Hobby Lobby Store
Pro-choice propaganda artist Ron English is very controversial. His artwork, described as very disturbing, often focuses on abortion.

Recently Ron English uploaded a video depicting a baby Jesus doll hanging from a coat hanger with a sign saying: Hobby Lobby Aborted Baby Jesus.

It is unclear who orchestrated this vandalism or who produced the video. But Ron English just happened to go to the exact Hobby Lobby where these dolls were placed...

Obama: Sorry I Broke The Law In Not Notifying Congress About Prisoner Swap  A top aide to President Obama is now apologizing to Congress for not informing lawmakers, as required by law, that the White House was planning to trade an alleged deserter for five top Taliban commanders.

The apology comes after Obama himself defended his actions this morning, insisting his administration had discussed the release with Congress “for some time.”...


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