Friday, July 18, 2014

"The Kermit Gosnell Enabling Act of 2014"; Transgender Employee Sues Hobby Lobby; Boko Haram Church Attack...more

"The Kermit Gosnell Enabling Act of 2014"
Extreme Pro-Abortion Senate Bill Would Gut Over 200 Pro-Life Laws in America...

Boko Haram Church Attack Kills 27

Man Arrested for Murder After Slipping Abortion Pill Into Woman's Pancakes   A Kansas man has been arrested on first-degree murder charges after allegedly feeding his 8-week pregnant girlfriend an abortion pill that was mixed into her pancakes.

Scott Bollig, 30, who reportedly confessed to the crime, will stand trial for the murder of his unborn child...

Transgender Employee Sues Hobby Lobby over Restroom Use A transgender Hobby Lobby employee has filed suit against the company for discrimination by the gender-specific restrooms reports Christian Today.

Meggan Sommerville began working for Hobby Lobby in 1998; in 2009 the biological male began her transition to become a woman with the accommodation from the company. Hobby Lobby willingly changed her name in their system and Sommerville’s health insurance package assisted with her hormone therapy.

Now Sommerville has issued a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR), arguing that the company is discriminating against her by not permitting her entrance into the women’s restroom. The Aurora location said she would be allowed use of the restroom after she undergoes sex reassignment surgery...

Obama’s America-Scandals now come so fast that each new mess makes us forget the previous one
The summer of 2014 will go down in history as the season when America fell apart. Let’s take a tour of the disasters.

Germany in 2008 enthusiastically hosted candidate Barack Obama for his so-called Victory Column speech. Now, Germans suddenly sound as if they are near-enemies of the U.S. Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly was furious that her cell phone was tapped by American intelligence agents. She just kicked the top CIA official out of Germany, further enraged that the U.S. had recruited at least one German official to provide intelligence on the German government. Polls show that Germans find Vladimir Putin’s Russian tyranny to be almost as popular as Barack Obama’s America.

Japan is becoming similarly frustrated with the U.S. It is rearming like crazy to confront an aggressive China. Both Asian powers apparently assume that Obama won’t guarantee the security of the Japanese as America has in the past.

The Middle East is dissolving. Taking U.S. peacekeepers out of Iraq proved a disaster. The radical jihadists of ISIS are overrunning Syria and Iraq, as they extend their destruction even to the mute stones of religious sanctuaries...


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