Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'I Ain't Saying That Obama Is Jesus, But...'; “Allah make it easy” to behead; ISIS has ‘apocalyptic end-of-days vision’...more

Wesley J. Smith: Push to make suicides easier will never stop
Here’s the advocacy con advanced by suicide promoters in the UK to bludgeon Parliament into legalizing doctor-prescribed death.

First, get the media to publish pro-suicide stories of Brits flying to Switzerland for death at a clinic. The point: Make the one-way death trip socially acceptable and increase the numbers who so die...

Obama Administration Pushes High Fines for HHS Mandate Violators  ...“What remains an insulting accounting gimmick does not protect the rights of Americans with sincere conscientious objections. It is simply another clerical layer to an already existing accounting gimmick that does nothing to protect religious freedom because the employer still remains the legal gateway by which these drugs and services will be provided to their employees. It’s very disappointing that the Obama administration is doubling down on its plans to punish charities and non-profits that assist the poor and homeless, who in some cases have nowhere else to turn for assistance,” Grossu said...

A darker Iraq: Light of Christian faith going out fast
...Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians now live in tents, schools, and abandoned buildings. War weary and despondent, most now say they want to leave Iraq.

"Go to America, Christians go to America. No, stay in Iraq!" one refugee woman said of the enormous decision to leave the land of their ancestors.
When Islamic State fighters seized his city, this former police officer took his family, including his newborn daughter, to safety in Erbil.
"If we return to our village, they will kill us," he said...

Top U.S. military officer: ISIS has ‘apocalyptic end-of-days vision’ that must be defeated  “They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. They are tremendously well-funded,” Hagel added. “This is beyond anything that we’ve seen. So we must prepare for everything.”

British jihadis are threat to Christian heritage of tolerance and should be banished - former Archbishop of Canterbury

Catholic workers ordered to attend Jehovah’s Witness services
The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a ruling that workers at a home for the disabled must attend a Jehovah’s Witness worship service with patients who wish to attend.

In 2009, California instructed San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center to have staff escort a Jehovah's Witness patient to services, but two Catholic employees objected and sued on the grounds that their faith requires they only attend Catholic services.

Brad Dacus, founder of Pacific Justice Institute, says it's an interesting case...

“I’m ready to behead next enemy”: UK jihadist says “Allah make it easy” to behead; he is working to “establish Allah’s empire” ...A British jihadist feared to be one of The Beatles militants behind US journalist James Foley’s killing has claimed Allah makes beheading victims “easy”...

Sweden’s collapse: Every Swede pays month’s wages to finance immigration, 48 billion kroner still needed beyond budgeted amounts  ...Sweden imports at least a hundred thousand Muslims each year, and the country is already experiencing an extreme rise in crime. Every Swede pays one month’s wage per year to finance immigration, and the government has already warned that taxes will increase more than two percent the next four years...

MSNBC's Michael Eric Dyson: 'I Ain't Saying That Obama Is Jesus, But...'  MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson is no stranger to effusive, over-the-top lobbying for Barack Obama. But on Saturday, he went so far that even fellow liberal host Melissa Harris Perry couldn't believe it. Dyson called on the President to speak out more about the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, comparing, "I'm a Christian preacher and God finally said, 'look, I can't send nobody else. I got to go myself.'"

Dyson continued, "And I ain't saying that Obama is Jesus, but for many of his followers he is." [See video below. MP3 audio here.] This comment was too much for Perry. She started laughing and marveled, "I think we've got to go, Reverend Dyson, because you just made the sentence, "'I'm not saying Obama is Jesus' and I don't want to get written up for that."...


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