Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Obama pushing use of aborted baby cells for Ebola vaccine

Michael F. Haverluck
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A pro-life outreach group is ripping President Barack Obama and his administration for endorsing the use of cell lines extracted from aborted babies to develop Ebola vaccines, even though the government conceded that using moral alternatives - such as plant and animal cells - would be just as effective.

Already labeled as the “abortion president” earlier this year by a leading voice in the Christian community, Dr. James Dobson, Obama is expected to receive added criticism regarding his handling of the Ebola crisis considering his positioning on the sanctity of human life. His administration’s latest decision to back the use of aborted fetal cells is coming under fire from Children of God for Life and other conservative and Christian groups that advocate the morally responsible development of vaccines.

"There is absolutely no reason to use aborted fetal cell lines," argues Children of God for Life president Debi Vinnedge. "At least two other Ebola vaccines in development by the University of Texas and GeoVax are using either Vero cells or chicken eggs.”... the rest
According to Vinnedge’s organization, the cell lines from aborted preborn children are already being unethically used in the production of vaccines by different pharmaceutical companies in the United States and abroad. 
“Glaxo SmithKline (GSK) and NIAID are jointly developing their ChAd3 vector for delivering the Ebola virus gene using HEK-293 (human embryonic kidney) cells,” Children of God for Life announced. “Likewise, NewLink Genetics of Iowa used HEK-293 cells for their VSV-EBOV Ebola vaccine in Canada, while Johnson and Johnson/Crucell developed theirs using PER C6 cells, derived from retinal tissue of an 18-week gestation aborted baby.”


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