Monday, October 06, 2014

Ukraine Christians Threatened with Firing Squads; Religiously Omnigender Bathroom Justice; Urgent Mission of Theological Education...more

Ukraine: Christians Threatened with Firing Squads, Pastors Held Hostage Reports are surfacing that rebels are threatening churches, interrupting services and even holding pastors hostage in eastern Ukraine...

Religiously Omnigender Bathroom Justice
Recently Harvard Divinity School posted signage outside one of its bathrooms advertising it as transgender/omnigender friendly. The sign inclusively included icons for male, female, and a combo of the two, plus handicapped. Harvard Divinity proudly tweeted its embrace of gender fluidity.

“Awesome!” tweeted Reconciling Ministries Network, the unofficial LGBTQ caucus of United Methodism. Awesome indeed.

They say that, historically, what happens in Harvard’s bathrooms will soon occur in bathrooms nationwide! So expect gender neutral bathroom justice to spread as the urgent cause du jour among justice-minded United Methodists...

Albert Mohler: Faith on Earth—The Urgent Mission of Theological Education ...Consider the current predicament of Christianity. We are witnessing the inglorious end of a civilization birthed by the Christian faith. We are tracing the accelerating secularization of our own society. In the Middle East, Christianity is disappearing on the ground. Historic Christian communities in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and elsewhere are being decimated and destroyed—scattered by violence and threats of genocide.

In Europe, the historic base of Christian culture and Christian missions, the European Union is so embarrassed about its Christian heritage that it refused even to acknowledge this truth when it framed its charter. Christianity is disappearing or declining under the dhimmitude of Islam and the domination of secularism. Church buildings in Britain, Canada, and elsewhere are now routinely transformed into nightclubs, pubs, or even mosques. The European elites are so distant from living Christianity that they have virtually no memory of it and American elites are rushing to Europeanize our national intellectual life.

Cultural Christianity is disappearing as fast as a morning mist, providing the church the opportunity and challenge to make clear once again the radical difference between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the wisdom of the world...

‘Back-up husbands,’ ‘emotional affairs’ and the rise of digital infidelity  ...A new study by researchers at the University of Indiana found that Facebook users in relationships frequently use the site to keep in touch with “back-burners” — exes or platonic friends they know they could connect with romantically, should their current relationships go south. Men have back-burners at roughly twice the rate of women, the study found. But among both genders, the practice is widespread: On average, respondents in relationships said they had romantic or sexual conversations with two people (!) besides their current partner...

Neurologist Says Jahi McMath is “Alive” and “Awake;” Videos Show Her Responding


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