Thursday, November 06, 2014

Review: To Be A Christian – An Anglican Catechism

November 6, 2014
The Venerable Norman Russell

To Be A Christian – An Anglican Catechism, Anglican House Publishers, Newport Beach, California, 2013/4 – ISBN 978-0-9860441-2-0

The new catechism of the Anglican Church in North America has yet to be discovered as a rich resource for Christian formation and devotion by members of the Church of England. I have not seen it in any of our Christian bookshops, nor have I seen it reviewed in the church press, but it is obtainable on Amazon for about £10. It is beautifully produced in bonded leather and for many is likely to become a treasured accompaniment to a much loved bible and maybe a prayer book.

The catechism however has emphatically not been produced as a coffee table adornment for a Christian home. It is offered as an accessible working book to enable Christians to grow into a maturity of faith and understanding which will be life sustaining. Although compiled by a working group appointed within the Anglican Church of North America, English Readers will be interested to know that the Revd Dr JI Packer was a significant member of the group and has written the introduction.

In content and doctrine, the catechism contains a clear statement of Prayer Book Anglicanism in terms which can be easily embraced by evangelical and catholic Anglicans alike. There is a clear and classically Anglican commitment to be faithful to the teaching and practice of the undivided church of the early Christian centuries. the rest

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