Saturday, December 06, 2014

Archbishop Welby: “I’m absolutely not saying ‘Unity at all costs’ — quite the reverse.”

Anglican Mainstream
Dec 6, 2014
A full page interview with Archbishop Justin Welby  in The Times 6/12/14

“I think, realistically, we’ve got to say that despite all efforts there is a possibility that we will not hold together, or not hold together for a while,” the Most Rev Justin Welby told The Times. “I could see circumstances in which there could be people moving apart and then coming back together, depending on what else happens.”…………..

Learning to disagree without hatred has been a theme of the Archbishop’s ministry. He argues that “good disagreement” is vital (although some churches did not accept that). He did not want to see the same level of bitterness that had characterised some disputes in the past. There had been a danger, he admitted, of parts of the Anglican Communion drifting into that.

He could not ask people to give up views they strongly held. “But what you can ask is for people to engage with those with whom they disagree, not expecting to be convinced, or even to convince, but to understand the other person’s humanity and why they come to such a different view.”

Unity, however, could not come at the price of truth and integrity. “I’m absolutely not saying ‘Unity at all costs’ — quite the reverse. Truth and integrity matter hugely.” This was equally true for the Church of England, especially on the question of women bishops, approved by the Synod in November... the rest


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