Monday, December 22, 2014

Vicar of Baghdad: Jesus is All That Remains for Christians in Iraq

Russ Jones
Friday, December 19, 2014

The Vicar of Baghdad maintains, Jesus, “the refugee child,” is all that remains for Christians in Iraq.

Forced to leave Baghdad for fear of terrorist activity, Canon Andrew White delivered his annual Christmas message from Bethlehem this year, according to Christian Today.

“This Christmas as we celebrate what we have, let us not forget that we too are celebrating the birth of a refugee who had nothing but gives us everything,” White wrote on his Facebook page. “As we delight in what we can give to people this Christmas let us not forget what this Christmas is really all about the time when this refugee child comes to all of us as the one who leads us to God and offers us the most wonderful gift possible this Christmas.”

White explains that a "refugee tent for Jesus" has been placed in a refugee camp in the northern region of Baghdad where members of his staff clothe and feed those suffering at the hand of ISIS.

“All you have got left is the love of that refugee child. That to us in the Middle East is all that matters this Christmas. He is still everything to our Christians in Iraq and he can still be everything to us.” Here


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