Monday, January 12, 2015

Nigeria's Deadliest Massacre: Millennial Pastors and Established Churches; Obama absent from Paris rally...more

US CENTCOM Twitter, YouTube Hacked, Apparently by IS Group ...The Twitter account on Monday posted threats to U.S. soldiers, warning "We are coming watch your back. ISIS."

Follow-up tweets included pictures of documents that appeared to contain the telephone numbers, email addresses and home addresses of dozens of U.S. military officials.

CENTCOM officials confirmed to VOA its Twitter and YouTube sites were attacked and said they are taking "appropriate measures to address the matter."...

Archbp. Carey: Fear of criticising Islam has given Britain self-imposed blasphemy law, warns former archbishop Carey   ...Writing in the Sunday Times, the former Archbishop said: 'A de facto blasphemy law is operating in Britain today. The fact is that publishers and newspapers live in fear of criticising Islam.'
He said that blasphemy laws were 'unjust and outdated', urging Muslim scholars to make it clear to followers that Islamic laws on insulting the religion do not apply to non-believers...

France mobilizes 10,000 troops at home after Paris shootings  France will have more than 10,000 soldiers mobilized on home soil by Tuesday after 17 were killed in attacks carried out by Islamist militants in Paris last week, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Monday.

Speaking a day after the biggest French public demonstration ever registered, held to remember the victims, he said France was still at risk of further attacks...

US media asks why Barack Obama did not attend Paris Charlie Hebdo rally The absence of President Barack Obama or any top members of his administration from a huge march in Paris on Sunday to honour victims of Islamist militant attacks raised eyebrows among some in the US media.

French President Francois Hollande and some 44 foreign dignitaries, including leaders from Germany, Italy, Britain, Turkey, Israel and the Palestinian territories, led up to two million people in what commentators said was the largest crowd in Paris since its liberation from Nazi Germany in 1944...

Nine days later, bodies still litter bushes from Boko Haram's 'deadliest' massacre ...On Saturday, explosives strapped to a girl detonated at a crowded marketplace in Nigeria, killing at least 20 people. Although no one has claimed responsibility, Boko Haram militants are the main suspects.
But the scale of the early January attack -- the death of hundreds, possibly thousands -- defies belief...
Boko Haram: bomb strapped to 10-year-old girl explodes in marketplace

Millennial Pastors and Established Churches
Millennial pastors and prospective pastors are often hesitant to take pastorates at established churches. There are some legitimate concerns and good reasons for this hesitancy—which we cover in this episode. However, established churches can offer a great opportunity for ministry to many pastors. Millennials should not be so quick to write off working with or pastoring at established churches. And in this episode, we tell you why...   Podcast: Play in new window (Duration: 20:47)


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