Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Democrat Abortion Policies More Extreme Than Killing 7-Pound Babies; but Obama Admits That Unborn Babies Have Feet That Kick...more

5 Democrat Abortion Policies More Extreme Than Killing 7-Pound Babies
1. Democrats Support Aborting Babies for Race, Sex, and Down Syndrome
2. Democrats Oppose Offering Women Other Alternatives
3. Democrats Want to Make Pro-Life Doctors and Nurses Perform Abortions
4. Democrats Want to Make You—and Your Church—Pay for Abortions
5. Democrats Want to Permit the Most Barbaric and Dehumanizing Abortion Methods

Islamic State Shoots and Beheads Thirty Ethiopian Christians in Libya ...
The video, in which militants call Christians "crusaders" who are out to kill Muslims, showed about 15 men being beheaded on a beach and another group of the same size, in an area of shrubland, being shot in the head.

Both groups of men are referred to in a subtitle as "worshippers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian church"...

Muslim Migrants Throw Christians Overboard into Mediterranean Fifteen Muslim migrants face charges of murder fueled by religious hatred after allegedly throwing a dozen Christian migrants overboard this week during a sea crossing from northern Africa to Italy.

Refugees who survived the crossing “burst into tears” as they described the violence to Italian police, AsiaNews reports. Italy and other countries have welcomed more than 10,000 refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea in recent days. Such migrations hit a record high last year, reports the BBC, which has mapped the problem...

Obama Admits That Unborn Babies Have Feet That Kick In a speech yesterday about working families--while trying to explain why he thinks too many women face "being reprimanded or fired for taking too many bathroom breaks when you're pregnant"--President Obama let it slip that he knows unborn babies have feet that kick...

Finally the BBC has woken up to the war on Middle Eastern Christians ...The documentary 'Kill the Christians' forces Britons to confront the plight of the suffering Church...


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